When you visit Float Planet go into your first float with an open mind, relax and let go, we provide everything you need so you can get the most out of your relaxing session.

Quality shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, ear plugs, a nice fresh towel, slippers and hair dryers.  

When travelling to the centre have a look at our location to make sure you are happy with the travel time. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session is due to start, so you have time to check in. If it’s your first time, a member of staff will take you through the procedures.

Before Your Float Session

•Avoid shaving the day of your float session, because of the high salt content in the water it may sting. We provide vaseline to cover any small cuts or grazes.

•We recommend you use the bathroom first if you need it, to ensure no interruptions to your float.

•We advise that you avoid caffeine and other stimulants for at least one hour before floating.

•Eat a light meal a few hours before you float. It will be easier for your body to fully relax when it’s not digesting plenty of food. If you plan on eating a large meal, leave yourself 3-4 hours before you float.

•If you wear contact lenses, please bring cleaning solution and contact lens case with you.


During Your Float session

•Enter your private float room have a quick shower to rinse off your day.

•Dry off your face with the towel provided and put your earplugs in.

•Enter the float tank slowly lie back into the water, try not to touch your eyes as this will sting due to the Epsom salt water. The water will support you let your head totally relax.  

•You can position your arms above your head for support or use the float halo, whatever feels best. Relax and let go.

•Music will be played for the first 10 mins, then slowly fade away and you will experience peace and quiet. 

•In the tank, there are two buttons one to control the light the other to call reception in case of an emergency. You are in complete control of your environment so you can have the door open or closed as you wish.

•5 mins before the end of your session, the music will slowly fade back in to let you know that your time is almost up.



After Your Float Session

After your float session, rinse off in the shower and get changed, use the hairdryers provided in the beauty room. Plan some extra time to relax in our chill out area, take some time to process your thoughts and enjoy a selection of herbal teas. Chat with other guests and share your experience.