Who Floats?

The great thing about floatation therapy is that anyone can float. We have a wide range of clients from social and professional backgrounds. Due to its many benefits, floating can help everyone relax and totally destress from the busy world around them.


• Reduces rehabilitation time and accelerates recovery.

• Reduces lactic acid build up and improves circulation.

• Ideal for visualisation and improves performance

Pregnant Women

Are you in your second or third trimester? Floatation could be exactly what your body needs. The weightless environment of a floatation tank allows relief to the spine and other achy body parts associated with pregnancy.


• Floating helps alleviate stress

• Enhances creativity and problem solving

• Relieves neck and back pain

• Improves sleep patterns

Sufferers of chronic pain

Floating weightless without pressure points will decompress and realign the spine, often producing breakthroughs with chronic back pain, neck pain, knee pain, arthritis and even fibromyalgia.
There is also evidence that floating lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

Learning, meditation & creativity

Floating has the ability to shift brain waves from highly conscious alpha and beta waves to a lower frequency theta which is associated with deep relaxation, visualisation and creativity.