Mental Health Matters?

Take a Brain Break

Mental Health Matters, and with this comes a million and one different issues to consider. The main ones you think of, Depression and Anxiety. That’s to name a few. There are so many more acute mental disorders that for so long were forbidden topics, the things we don’t say out of fear of being “weird”, complete taboos.

Times are changing, people are opening up, and that’s amazing. But we can do so much more to help ourselves. Taking time out to actively alter some of our unhealthy habit patterns is the beginning. Stepping back and witnessing our thoughts and the things we do every day that are contributing to our mental state! Meditation can help with that Look at your life from a new angle. Be pro-active. Take an hour out, switch your phone off, read a book or listen to a motivational podcast, meditate, exercise, yoga or a walk in the park, put pen to paper and see what happens! It could be magic.

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