Liverpool’s first ‘float centre’, where customers can achieve “profound relaxation, meditation and wellness”, is soon to open on Dale Street.

The team behind Float Planet has told YM Liverpool that they expect it to be up and running by the end of May.

It’s claimed that floating or sensory deprivation, which involves lying on your back in a specially designed tank, has a range of mental and physical health benefits.

Building work is currently underway to turn 97 Dale Street into Float Planet, where customers will float in tanks filled with 10 inches of water with over 1,000lb of Epsom salt dissolved into it.

According to the Float Planet website, the benefits of floating include stress relief, improved sleep quality, increased blood circulation and enhanced mental clarity and alertness.

A spokesperson for Float Planet told YM Liverpool: “Building work is underway at Float Planet and we are aiming to be open around the end of May.”

American neurophysiologist Professor Dr John C. Lilly developed the first floatation tank in the 1950s. Dr Lilly designed the tank as a system to help him investigate conscious activity in the brain.

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