Floatation Benefits

General Well-being

•Alleviates stress (both mental and physical)

•Relaxs recharges and rejuvenates your mind and body

•Improves sleep and sleep quality

•Reduces feeling of depression, fear and anxiety

•Helps with overcoming addictions, phobias and bad habits

•Eliminates jet lag and fatigue

•Promotes total relaxation

Mental Benefits

•Provides mental clarity & alertness

•Enhances creativity and problem-solving ability

•Facilitates deeper meditation

•Improves visualisation

•Increases your ability to solve problems

•Expands awareness, intensifies the senses, accelerates learning capacity

Physical Benefits

•Improve athletic performance

•Improves blood circulation

• Helps alleviate pain (muscle pain, migraine, arthritis)

•Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery time (athletic and post-operation recovery)

•Reduces the production of cortisol, lactic acid, adrenaline

•Helps prevent sports injuries